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Susan Socha, teacher at McLean High School, Virginia, USA
Message by web page form, September 4, 1999 (also see the questionnaire)

I have recommended your web site to many teachers in workshops that I present on using the WEB for mathematics instruction. I have developed two worksheets to go with two of your applets, and hope to develop more. Keep up the good work. Everyone loves your site and thank you.

Susan Socha

It's good to hear that teachers use our site in such an intense way. If you like, please send us the worksheets! In which framework are you giving the workshops for teachers?

E-mail message, September 6, 1999

I am using your site as one of the three sites we visit during a 90 minute inservice presentation on using java applets in the classroom. We use Manipula Math, Mathsnet(UK) and Maths Online. I have prepared worksheets to go with each applet to demonstrate how teachers can use the applets. I am attaching two of the worksheets

AlgebraII.doc (Word)

that I used with your site. I modeled my questions on the exercises that appear with the applet and extend them. This allows students to get feedback on the first few questions, and then allows me to see if they have really grasped the concepts by giving them more questions that do not have on screen solutions. Your exercise questions are excellent and certainly give teachers a good ideas on how the applet can be used.

Thanks for your patience and hard work.
Susan Socha

Thank you very much for the worksheets. They are excellent examples how maths online may be used in class. We have included them in the section Suggestions for the classroom. You really do important work.

We would like to point out Susan Socha's page

Math lesson plan resources

to the readers of the Forum.
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