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Susan Socha, teacher at McLean High School, Virginia, USA
Answers to the questionnaire, September 4, 1999

In which situation did you use maths online? (School, home,... as pupil, teacher,...)
I use it in school as an instructional tool.

Can - according to your opinion - maths online contribute to a better understanding of mathematics?
I think that Maths Online helps teachers demonstrate concepts clearly and accurately. The questions that go with the applets are thought provoking and give teachers some ideas for more questions that they can pose.

What did you like very much?
The questions and the interactive nature of the applets that allow students to explore concepts on their own.

What did you like less?
I would like to see more applets for beginning algebra students and of course some Geometry applets.

Do you have suggestions for modification or completion?
Again, more Geometry and beginning algebra

Did everything work well in technical respect?
No problems, other than the usual internet glitches.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
I recommend your site to many teachers during the workshops that I present.
Would you tell us more about these activities?

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