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Greg Benfield, teacher, Melbourne, Australia
Message by web page form, August 30, 1999

My name is Greg Benfield. I teach mathematics in a concurrent support unit of RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I recently found your Maths Online web site and I would like to congratulate you on your project.Your interactive java applets provide enriching learning experiences for students that are not available in other media.
I would like to use your applets in a unit of work I am developing on introductory calculus. I have downloaded the Maths Online pages to a workstation and intend to refer to it in a printed booklet. Do I have your permission to do this? I will acknowledge the University of Vienna. Should I acknowledge anyone else?

Greg Benfield

Thank you for the compliments!
It is a pleasure for us if you refer to maths online on the Web or in printed form, and you may use the material in any form you like.
We are two authors (Franz Embacher, Petra Oberhuemer), both from the University of Vienna (Institute for Theoretical Physics). This ( + the web address) is pretty sufficient for a brief acknowledgment. More details on people providing ideas and on financial supporters may be found at the website.
If you place a link to our pages or refer to us in a booklet, please let us know, so we can include a reciprocal hint on our website.
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