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Walter S. Mcmann, teacher
E-mail message, June 14, 1999

Under recognize structures 3, I believe the answer "4 + 1/x" should read "....any number but zero." I am putting your program to work tomorrow and will let you know how the students responded. I still see this as one of the most useful math tools on the web.

Walter McMann

Thanks for the compliments. The answer to the question you refer to is "...any number but 4" (because 1/x cannot be zero). We're looking forward to hear about your students reactions.

Your solution in the example in the didactical background for equivalent transformation should be -8 rather than 8. I am teaching pre-algebra and your site is one of the few that stresses understanding rather the process. I intend to use your site extensively.

Walter S. McMann

Thank you very much for the correction.
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