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Don Tyler, USA
Message by web page form, January 3, 1999

Thank you for this wonderful web site. I am certain that it will prove very useful to my 13 year old son who is just beginning to study math. We live in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in the USA. At the moment we are getting buried by a great snowstorm, so I was spending some time exploring the Net and this brought me to your site. Unfortunately, when I went to use the Function Plotter it came up with this error message:

     line 172:fenster_flplotter is not a function.

Consequently, the plotter refused to work. I hope you can fix it easily, because I think it would be a very useful tool.

Thanks for the hint. We checked the link and found it worked in Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. Has anybody else observed the function plotter not to work?

Message by web page form, January 4, 1999

I think your site will prove to be very useful, especially here in America where math education, and education in general is abysmal. Although we have many fine universities, most parents are quite worried about the quality of the education that their children will receive at lower levels. Your site will go a long way towards helping kids understand and become interested in math. Thanks.

E-mail message, January 5, 1999

The browser that I was using was Netscape Communicator 4.04. I also tried to AOL version 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02. None of the above browsers worked (regarding the Function Plotter).

I went out today and purchased a CD that had a whole new set of browsers on it. Netscape Communicator 4.06 did not work, but Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 version 4.72 did work okay. That is it did work okay earlier in the evening. Later I tried it again and it would not work. I couldn't get in to the plotter and it gave me the following error message:

       Internet Explorer Script Error
       !Error has occurred in the script on this page.
           Line: 172
           Char: 8
           Error:  Object doesn't support this property or method.
           Code: 0

Did you change anything tonight?? (No, we did't!) It is strange that it would let me in at first, but then deny me access later on.

By further E-mail communication we found out that the HTML source of the page under consideration was modified on the way to (or by) his browser. The original letter combinations

       { GrapheNe =
arrived as
       { GrapheNe = 0/*
which caused the error. Does anybody have a clue how to fix this problem?
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