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Hans Schmid Wernher-von-Braun-Gymnasium Friedberg, Germany
Answers to the questionnaire (translated from German into English), May 2, 1998

In which situation did you use maths online? (School, home,... as pupil, teacher,...)
As I use to do quite often, I have searched for interactive sites in order to make them available for my pupils.

Can - according to your opinion - maths online contribute to a better understanding of mathematics?
Yes, definitely. After all, it's not static, as compared to written stuff on the blackboard or a figure in a book.

What did you like very much?
Interactivity, Derivative puzzles.

What did you like less?
That everything is online :-(. The problem is that when I'm online with a school class, I depend on the loading times on the Web. This is sometimes a matter a good luck. I dream about offering your applets to our pupils in the framework of our school intranet (i.e. offline). Is this supposed to remain a dream? (Sometimes dreams become true. See the maths online download page.)

Did everything work well in technical respect? Did any applet give rise to difficulties?
Game of Life: Trembling cursor when marking the cells.
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