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James E. White
Message by web page form, January 1, 1999

Dear Maths Online,

I have just visited your remarkable site, and would like to congratulate you for offering such a timely and powerful resource to teachers and students of mathematics on the web.

Please visit our site: The New Mathwright Library at

and let your visitors know how to find us by placing a pointer to our site on your page listing similar sites. You may include some of the descriptive text below if you wish.

I would greatly appreciate that, and would also like to know what you think.

The New Mathwright Library is a FREE (and growing) collection of more than 110 interactive, electronic mathematics and science "books" at the University and Secondary level. These books have been developed by College and Secondary School mathematics and science teachers (and sometimes by their students) since 1991.

Initially funded by the National Science Foundation and supported by the IBM Corporation, it has been in place on the web since 1994. It serves as the support for a number of web-based mathematics courses at several universities whose sites can be visited from the library.

These books are documents created with a mathematics authoring program called Mathwright. The books are only available for the Microsoft Windows platform, and the Library is compatible with all versions of Windows above 3.0, including Windows 98.

When visitors register in the Library for the first time, they may download a free program, called the Mathwright Library Player, which is a "reader" for the books collected here.

This reader program is automatically installed with icons on the Start Menu at that time. After registration, visitors may browse the stacks, download any books or collections they please to their local machine. The books selected are opened in the browser, and are also installed with Start Menu icons, so that visitors may open and read them in the future, whether or not they are connected to the web.

Thank you. We have added the link to our list of collections.

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